Exterior painting

Professional Exterior Painting Services in Boise, ID

The seasons in Boise, Idaho, can wreak havoc on your home’s exterior paint. In our hot summers, siding can be vulnerable to UV damage from the sun and water damage from rogue sprinkler systems. Our winters subject siding to harsh freezing, thawing, and damage–even pests hiding out for warmth. This new season brings a perfect opportunity for a recoat. Call the professional painters of My Treasure Valley Handyman to give your home a fresh coat of exterior paint.  

I’m passionate about taking care of my clients and offer a 12 month guarantee on my high quality work.


What is included in exterior house painting and repair?

Without proper preparation, applying a new coat of paint will be as effective as a bandaid on a leaky faucet. Avoid such shortcuts, both with your paint and your plumbing! (We also fix faucets.)

Prep work is key; properly executed exterior home repainting can completely reboot your curb appeal, and that is where we shine.

Our painters, also skilled in
siding repair replace damaged siding boards, power wash, sand to remove peeling paint, and prime to prepare your home for a virtually flawless finish.  

Exterior paint color

How do I choose a paint color for my house?

Gray and white are trending home colors, but even if narrowed down that far, there are countless variations. We have a proven recipe for picking a paint color.

1. Images - Search several images of houses you love and find a common color between them. This will also show you if you like contrasting trim colors or a monochrome look.

2. Considerations - Extremely light or dark colors highlight dust and grime. Your landscaping, your roof color, and even the type of Christmas lights you like to use can play a factor in your decision. Don’t forget to check with your HOA, as they often have stipulations and must approve your colors.

3. Samples - Paint posters or boards with sample colors to create your own giant paint chips. You can move them around your house to view the colors in different places at different times of day. The paint can look completely different depending on the light or shadows and this way you will have covered all your bases to make an informed color decision.

Following these three steps will allow you to confidently decide on a paint color that you will love for years to come.  

Shall I choose exterior house paint in flat or satin?

Choosing between flat and satin paint involves trade-offs:

● A flat paint finish looks soft and can help blur imperfections on old siding, but it is hard to clean and provides almost no protection from the elements. Flat paint will need to be touched up or completely repainted much sooner than other options.

● A satin paint or even a semi-gloss sheen can subtly highlight imperfections in comparison to flat paint; however, it is much more durable, scrubbable, and weather-resistant for exterior applications.

Why is house painting so expensive?

Painting the outside of a house is a significant undertaking, especially with repairs, or if scaffolding is required. Labor is the primary cost associated with house painting, but we strive to provide professional painting services at an affordable price while maintaining superior value.

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