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Siding repair
We at My Treasure Valley Handyman have seen siding damage show up suddenly or develop over time.  Either way, it can be a huge headache for a homeowner. Here are some major causes of siding damage to be aware of. 
  • Moisture and Water Damage: The main culprit we face in Meridian is water damage from sprinkler systems. When sprinklers continually hit the side of your home, accumulated moisture can lead to rot, warping, and mold growth, compromising the integrity of the siding.
  • Pest Infestation: Wood-based sidings are prone to damage from insects like termites and carpenter ants, which can eat away at the material. Composite materials are more commonly used and generally combat this problem.
  • Aging and Wear: Over time, siding can deteriorate due to our hot summers, cold winters, and year-round exposure to UV rays. By regularly inspecting and repairing weathered areas you can extend the life of your siding.

Our experts at My Treasure Valley Handyman take the headache out of siding repairs with our knowledge earned from experience.  We can accurately assess the extent of the damage and provide effective solutions in a timely manner. By hiring a handyman, you save precious time and get convenience. Instead of researching and buying tools and materials yourself, we handle all of that, allowing you to focus on other priorities.

Our team takes pride in providing
quality workmanship. We always strive for repairs to be completed at the highest standards, enhancing the overall appearance and longevity of your siding. Why stress over repairs when you can entrust them to a capable and professional handyman?

We’re passionate about taking care of our clients and we offer a 12-month guarantee on our high-quality work.


Siding Repair for Water Damage from Sprinkler Systems

Siding damage, especially from sprinklers is a common issue, the first priority will be to make adjustments to your watering system to route the moisture away from your house.

Next, it's important to quickly make the necessary siding repairs to prevent exacerbation of the problem. When left unchecked, damaged siding becomes unable to adequately protect your home. This leaves it vulnerable to more water infiltration, weakening the structure and compromising its stability. Excess moisture also provides an ideal breeding ground for mold and mildew, posing risks to both indoor air quality and your overall health. By addressing siding damage promptly, you can safeguard your home from these detrimental effects and ensure a secure and comfortable living environment.

Our Wood and Composite Siding Repair Process:

1. Inspection: We will examine the siding of your entire home for water damage, rot, wear, or pest infestation.

2. Removal: Damaged sections of siding will be carefully removed, without disturbing the neighboring undamaged pieces.

3. Replacement: New siding will be cut to size and shape to match the original design. The replacement pieces are then installed, ensuring a proper fit and alignment.

4. Treatments: If necessary, the handyman may apply treatments or sealants to the siding to protect against future damage from moisture or pests.

5. Finishing: The repaired area may require sanding, priming, and painting to match the surrounding siding and provide a cohesive appearance.

The repair process will be specific to your home and may vary depending on the severity and type of damage to the siding. Our professionals ensure that the repairs are done correctly, maintaining the integrity and visual appearance of your wood or composite material siding.
Whether your home improvement project is great or small, My Treasure Valley Handyman does it all!
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