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Siding repair
My Treasure Valley Handyman provides exceptional handyman services to the community of Star, Idaho. As Star continues to grow, the demand for reliable and professional handyman services continues to grow. Regular maintenance and repair for your home or business is necessary for it to retain its value and provide a safe place to live and work.

Whether it is siding repair, exterior painting, or any other home improvement project, we are ready to serve the community of Star and help homeowners maintain and enhance the value of their homes.

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We at Treasure Valley Handyman don’t cut corners. We put clients first and pride ourselves in a job well done. 


Siding Repair Services

- Vinyl siding repair


- Wood siding repair


- Fix damaged siding


- Replace missing or broken siding panels


- Seal and caulk to prevent water damage


- Exterior painting services to protect siding and help it last longer

Vinyl or Wood Siding Replacement vs Repair 


Siding repair is cost-effective for minor siding damage such as:

- Cracks or holes in siding panels: Repairing these quickly is the key. If you wait too long and moisture gets in, the repairs may be more costly.

- Loose or missing siding: Small repairs are our specialty!  Have spots here or there that need to be replaced?  We can do that.

- Warped or bent siding: Once your siding has been warped or bent, the best repair is a replacement.

- Faded paint: Faded or discolored siding can look like new with a fresh coat of paint.

Our experienced handyman will assess your siding and provide honest recommendations for your needs. 
Home siding repair

Home Siding Repair You Can Trust

Our experienced handymen are dedicated to quality workmanship and use professional-grade tools and equipment for superior results.

We pay attention to detail and don’t cut corners. 


Whether your home improvement project is great or small, My Treasure Valley Handyman does it all!

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Don’t let damaged siding compromise your home’s protection. Text or call My Treasure Valley Handyman at (208) 584-1452 today for all of your siding repair, exterior painting, and home improvement needs in Star, Idaho, and the surrounding areas.