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Drywall is an important feature in the structure of your home, and it is unfortunately easy to damage. Some common causes of damage to drywall are:

• Moving furniture - A couch, a bedpost, a table leg… any of these can be accidentally rammed into a wall, creating anything from a nick to a large hole.

•Kids rough-housing - There are infinite ways for children to put holes in the walls. Whether it's throwing a football indoors, or jumping on the bed, your drywall can suffer the same fate.

• Nail heads popping out - Usually this happens as a result of a house "settling," along with the appearance of cracks and warping of floors.

• Water damage - A leak from a pipe or worn-out roofing will quickly destroy any drywall in its way.

• Mold - One of the most serious problems you can have as a homeowner is mold. Once the mold itself is taken care of, we're happy to install new drywall in affected areas.

• Door knobs - A dent or hole caused by a doorknob will only get worse if it's left alone.

• Termites - While uncommon in Idaho, there are termites in the region and an infestation will chew through drywall.

My Treasure Valley Handyman is a local, trusted, and insured company with years of experience in drywall repair and installation.

We’re passionate about taking care of our clients and offer a 12-month guarantee on our high quality work.


Repairing Big or Small Holes in Sheetrock & Other Drywall

While you may want to handle a minor repair yourself, there are other times where you need a helping hand. Some of the most common reasons to hire a contractor or handyman to take care of holes or dents in your drywall include:

Saving your time - "Time is money, money is power, power is pizza." - Parks and Recreation. But seriously, while fixing a little dent might not take a lot of time in and of itself, it takes much longer to DIY a repair job if you don't already know exactly what to do and have the supplies on hand. We can give you your time back.

Utilize our expertise - Because of the time and training we've had, we're well equipped to assess the damage to your drywall and make repairs efficiently.

Work is insured - Our company is insured and we offer a 12-month guarantee on work. A husband, friend, or you fixing a big hole might be cheaper, but mistakes could cost more in the end.

Tools - You won't need to make trips to the hardware store because we have the necessary tools and know what to look for when purchasing new supplies.

We're happy to fix your drywall and to take care of other issues around the house such as
repainting the walls, or installing tile. As a handyman business, we do just about anything in home maintenance, repairs, and improvement.

Dry wall repair

What to Expect: Drywall Repair Process

For minor holes and dents the repair process can be quick and simple.-

1. Prepare damaged area

2. Apply spackle

3. Wait for spackle to dry

4. Sand dried spackle

5. Texture and paint area to blend

The repair process naturally becomes longer and trickier with larger holes. Each job is unique and there are some different supplies and methods that can be applied, depending on the circumstances.

Fixing Drywall Corners and Ceilings

You're more likely to need professional help with damage to your corners and ceiling. Holes, dents, water damage, or other issues with drywall in these areas will require more specialized equipment and work. Corner repair usually involves cutting out and replacing a section of corner bead. Ceiling damage is more likely to be from leaks and, naturally, will require more tools to fix than similar work on a wall.
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