Professional Interior Painting Services in Kuna, ID

Painting the interior of a house can be daunting.  Let My Treasure Valley Handyman help you tackle some of your painting “to-do” list.  From ceilings to walls and trim in between, our professional painters will transform your house into the sanctuary you desire.  Call the interior painters of My Treasure Valley Handyman to give your house the update you deserve.

We’re passionate about taking care of our clients and offer a 12-month guarantee on our high quality work.


What is Included in Interior Home Painting?

● Select Paint - Don’t skimp on the quality of your paint! My Treasure Valley Handyman uses high-quality paint from Sherwin Williams

● Surface Preparation - Repair small drywall imperfections, fill nail holes, remove switch plates and cover, etc.

● Priming - apply primer where needed

● Plastic and Cloth - My Treasure Valley Handyman takes great care to protect your floors and furniture before we begin painting

● Application - Carefully and professionally apply paint

● Final Inspection - make sure it meets customers expectations

● Clean-up - take care of all supplies
Interior home paints

What is the best color and brand to paint my interior walls?

Color of Interior Walls
You might ask yourself, what is the best color to paint my walls?  The answer varies depending on the room’s purpose and desired ambiance.

Some popular choices are neutral tones.  Grays, beiges, and whites are all classy choices.  The things to think about are the artwork you might have on the wall or the purpose of the design.  Do you want it to be specific for that room alone or match every interior room?

Reasons to Choose  Semi-Gloss vs. Satin Paint?


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Consider choosing Satin paint in bedrooms, formal living rooms, or areas where a muted, elegant appearance is desired.  Semi-gloss paint is often chosen for high-traffic areas like hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms so they can easily be washed.  Whether you choose satin or flat, the key is to make sure you know the usage of the room in your painting first.  The rest falls into place as you decide on the maintenance of the room.

Our Handyman Services Include Professional Interior Painting and So Much More

Interior painting
Painting the inside of the house can be a big undertaking.  Our team does any job from touch-ups to full rooms and full house painting.  We love to exceed our customers' expectations and give them the haven they are looking for.

We offer many other services besides interior home painting services.  We do
exterior paintingdrywall, tile and grout, flooring, and so much more.  Once you're ready to have your interior walls painted and decide to make any other upgrades, we can be your first call.  Our team is ready to help you through the process of painting your interior, or any other household construction or repair job you may need done.
Whether your home improvement project is great or small, My Treasure Valley Handyman does it all!
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My Treasure Valley Handyman is a one-stop shop for drywall, flooring, repairs and maintenance, and much more.  Call or text (208) 584-1452 for your free quote. We are your local friendly interior painting contractor in Kuna, Idaho.